The Senior or Specialist Worker route allows you to sponsor overseas workers to undertake temporary work assignments for you in the UK, where the worker is a senior manager or specialist employee and is being assigned to you by a linked overseas business.

The Senior or Specialist Worker route has replaced the Intra-Company Transfer route from 11 April 2022. The requirements of the new route are essentially the same as its predecessor route. The key differences are the general salary threshold has increased from £41,500 to £42,400, creative sector jobs below RQF level 6 are no longer eligible for the route (unless a transitional arrangement applies) and workers on this route are no longer allowed to take ‘supplementary employment’ (employment additional to their sponsored work), unless a transitional arrangement applies.

Except where a transitional arrangement applies, Senior or Specialist Workers must be paid at least the general salary threshold of £42,400 per year, or the specified going rate for the occupation (whichever is higher).

A Senior or Specialist Worker can be granted permission to enter or remain in the UK for up to 5 years initially, with the option to extend up to the maximum cumulative for workers on the GBM routes.

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