The creative and sporting worker category is for people coming to the UK to work or perform as sportspeople, entertainers or creative artists for up to 12 months.

If you are a sportsperson, you must be internationally established at the highest level in your sport, and/or your employment must make a significant contribution to the development and running of sport at the highest level in the UK.

If you are a coach, you must be suitably qualified to do the job.

You must have a sponsor; and a valid certificate of sponsorship. Before assigning the certificate of sponsorship in the sporting sub-category, the sponsor must have an endorsement for you from the governing body for your sport, which confirms you meet the governing body's requirements to give their endorsement. The creative and sporting category is not for people who want to come or who are already in the UK as entertainers or sports visitors, including for specified festivals.

You can switch in to the creative and sporting category if you came to the UK as a sports or entertainer visitor, and before you entered the UK, your sponsor gave you a certificate of sponsorship for this category. You can use the certificate to apply to switch.

Otherwise switching is not allowed into or out of the creative and sporting working category.

You can apply under the creative and sporting category from a country that is not your normal place of residence if you are there doing a job similar to the one that you want to do in the UK.

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